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Let's just take this slogan to start with.


Looking back from retirement, my active time was predominantly characterized by the fact that I worked as conscientiously as possible, and in return the companies gave me a certain freedom of action.

Apart from this intermezzo, after a short orientation phase, there are precisely two products in which I was involved throughout my entire professional life.

On the one hand, this was, in the broadest sense, the subject area "packaging" and on the other hand "customer support in multi-storey shopping centers" .

To be more precise, for "packaging", these are so-called wrapping machines, and for "customer assistance", shopping cart conveyors. There are

To be more precise, for "packaging", these are so-called wrapping machines, and for "customer assistance", shopping cart conveyors. There are explanations on both topics on the following pages.

The main focus of the creative field was always the development and optimization of the products.

In "my time" the creative working time was characterized by standing at the drawing machine and bringing the ideas to (transparent) paper, and defining, calculating and documenting the necessary parameters.   

Yes, in the "early years" the predominant workplace was the office and, if necessary, inspection tours in the production halls to determine whether the theory proved itself in practice. Most of the time the result was positive.

In the course of time and the change of operational procedures, it became more and more necessary to make business trips in order to conduct technical and commercial discussions about the products.

At the beginning of the 2000s (to be precise, from 1999), I managed the company as Managing Director, and it was a pleasure for me to be able to negotiate with representatives of global players, such as LG, not only with companies in the USA, but also in the Far East.

In this respect, there have also been times when I have not seen the office for weeks.

the t engl

This took me first around Europe, and later to the USA and the Far East.

Due to the fact that in the last decades of the 20th century far and wide no "cell phone" (or smart phone) was to be seen, one had to pull out the "camera", and that I have sometimes because of the sheer circumstance, and therefore my pictorial impressions are manageable.

That, which resulted despite the handicap mentioned, is represented in the following pages, and if necessary with a few words commented.

Since the beginning of the second decade in the present 21th century, thus from 2010, I`m enjoying the possibility of an optional second domicile, and without giving away too much, there is (almost) "always spring", and clearly also that is touched on in the following.

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