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.... smile please !

As a "little boy" I often pressed my nose flat against the window of the photo stores in my hometown. But it has never been enough to buy me a camera.

In time, I don't know from where, I had a "box" and a "bellows camera", and of course I took pictures, but I neglected to save them.

In a certain sense, in the years on the job, photography has been a hobby, but today you can only laugh about it, because with the "cell phone", contemporarily, from the middle of the first decade the 21st century, are made daily at least 10 billion "selfies" and also "real" photos, so that one would probably rather call my hobby "bumbling".

Autogen brennen
es brennt !
man nennt es "Kalotten"
die Farben der Korrosion

3er BMW Kubelwelle
3er BMW Kubelwelle
viel Moos, iss watt los ?
viel Moos, iss watt los ?

gut geschnitte
gut geschnitten

Cardiff AP ready for take off
mir wird schwindelig
es geht rund

die Lieferanschrift

Cesar Manrique
Brüssel 1990
das Atom in groß